February Updates

A. Start of new CPE batch at Jethro.

B. The board for Crista Andrea Napay, Maricel Tindungan and Bhab Dicang. Board members included Diplomtes Celia Munson, Paul Tabon, and Larry Gusto. Also joining was their supervisor, Diplomate Vo Canoy. The board was done online on February 25, 2023, with two board members and two of the candidates IRL at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. All three passed their boards with plans to serve as Supervisors in Training (SITs) under Celia and Vo with Bukal Life Care this summer.

Certification Board in Clinical Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling for Crista, Maricel, and Bhab

C. CPSP holding its annual plenary in Virginia Beach, VA. Bob and Celia Munson will attend, representing CPSP-Philippines.


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