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NOTE: Membership and Chapter Lists are going through a major update. As such, the present list may not yet be accurate.

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Annual Individual Dues:

Certified Member:  P 600 per year.
Membership:  P 300 per year.
Dues are due by March 31st of each year.

Current Membership

BAGUIO CHAPTER (SIT Peer Review Chapter)

  • Celia Munson Convener  (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Dr. Paul Tabon  (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Dr. Ryan Clark  (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Dr. Yohan Lee  (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Jehny Pedazo  (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Dr. Sim Dang-Awan  (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Violeta Canoy (CC/PC, SIT)


BENGUET CHAPTER (In process of transferring)

  • Dr. Robert Munson  (CTM)
  • Fhey Kindipan-Coyoy  (CTM)
  • Corina Mariano  (CC/PC)
  • Ptr. Bartolo Dela Cruz  (CTM)
  • Ptr. Phanuel L. Buac (CTM)
  • Dr. Lyn Montecastro (CC)



  • Dr. Paul Tabon (Convener)  (CC/PC, Diplomate)
  • Edgar Chan   (ACC/APC)
  • Joel Munson  (CTM)
  • Winter Langpaoen  (CTM)
  • Marcie Marsilan  (CTM)
  • Rosemarie Soriano  (CTM)
  • Roberto Sables (CTM)



  • Celia Munson (Convener)  (CC/PC, Diplomate)
  • Violeta Canoy   (CC/PC, SIT)
  • John Mark Bagalan  (CTM)
  • Mariz Eustaquio  (CTM)
  • Zam Tunglut  (CTM)
  • German Ramboyong  (CTM)
  • Daniel Spaeth (ACC)


ILOILO  (In Formation)

  • Dr. Calixto Sodoy   (CC/PC, Diplomate)
  • Ptr. Cris Sian   (CC/PC, SIT)
  • Mary Grace (Jho Jho)  Labis  (CC/PC, SIT)


ZAMBOANGA  (In Formation)

  • Dr. Elvin Salarda (BCC, SIT)
  • Ptr. Phanuel Buac  (ACC/APC)


Quezon City  (In Formation)

  • Dr. Sim Dang-Awan   (CC/PC, Diplomate)
  • Ptr. Janice Serafica  (CC)
  • Ptr. Renato Eustaquio (CC)

St. Andrews (In Formation)

  • Rev. Echanes Cadiogan
  • Rev. Alvin Mendoza
  • Fr. Ben Ngaya-an
  • Fr. Clarke Ford Sacki
  • Rev. James Boliget
  • Rev. Mary Jane Dogue-is
  • Fr. Melvin Bautista