CPSP Diplomate Visit to Baguio

Dr. Doug Dickens, Diplomate Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education/Training, will be in Baguio in April. He will be teaching a 2-week (3-unit) course in Grief and Loss at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. We also hope to get together with him for some guidance of Supervisors and Supervisors-in-Training of CPSP-Philippines. Updates to come.



CPE Groups

We don’t always have the latest updates regarding Active CPE groups, but we will share what we know when we know it.

Presently in Progress.

  1.  Dr. Paul Tabon has a group presently working at Pines Doctors Hospital in Baguio City.


    CPE Partnership at Pines Doctors Hospital

  2.  Dr. Sim Dang-Awan Jr., and Chaplain Victor Layug have an extended CPE at Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila.
  3. Chaplains Celia Munson and Vo Canoy have two groups at Bukal Life Care, with Baguio General Hospital and La Trinidad District Jail as the primary ministry points.


  1.  Chaplain Edgar Chan has a group associated with Bukal Life Care and Lutheran Theological Seminary starting in early April.
  2. Another group is planned for June associated with Bukal Life Care and Lutheran Theological Seminary.

Hoping to get updates of CPE at St. Lukes Medical Center, and Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center.

Travel News

  1.  Dr. Merlita (Lyn) Montecastro is on her way to Oakland, California to represent CPSP-Philippines at the 2018 CPSP Plenary, March 19-22.
  2. Chaplain Violeta (Vo) Canoy will be travelling to Ghana in late May, and will hold at least one training related to pastoral counseling and chaplaincy.