Books from CPSP-Philippines

  1.  Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling and Training. by Front ArtBob and Celia Munson (2019).  This is essentially a Part II to The Art of Pastoral Care.Pastoral counseling is a form of counseling that draws from the social sciences, but far more from pastoral theology, metaphor, symbols, and rituals. This book seeks to explore aspects of pastoral counseling with special emphasis on the dynamic processes associated with training, supervision, relationships, life stages, faith development, and theological reflection.  The book is available online— HERE.  Also may be purchased at Bukal Life Care.
  2.  Pastoral Care Response to Alcoholism in the Armed Forces of the Philippines. by Sim Dang-Awan Jr.  (2018)Pastoral Care Response to Alcoholism in the Armed Forces of the Philippines

         This is the book version of the doctoral dissertation of Doc Sim. As the name suggests, it addresses the major issue of alcoholism in the Philippine Armed Forces and the role of chaplain in ministering.

Doc Sim is a former military chaplain and is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ of the Philippines (UCCP). He is presently a CPE Supervisor at Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila, and Life Coach.

Available on Amazon by clicking HERE.  Also may be purchased at Bukal Life Care and Jethro Guidance Center

3.  Recovery of the Soul — A History and Memoir of the Clinical Pastoral Education Movement. by Raymond Lawrence. (2017)

This book describes the history of CPE/T from Anton Boisen up to the shortly after the establishment of CPSP. Dr. Lawrence focuses on some of the various conflicts— most notably between Boisen (and associates) and Cabot (and associates), psychodynamics versus education and the foundation of CPE, and more.

Doc Raymond is the General Secretary of CPSP (USA) and a mentor of CPSP-Philippines.

Available on Amazon by clicking HERE. Hope to have available for direct purchase in the Philippines soon.

4.  The Art of Pastoral Care.  By Bob and Celia Munson

Pastoral Care is a form of ministry with nearlyThe Art of Pastoral Care by [Munson, Robert, Munson, Celia] two millennia of history within the church and out-flowing from the church, guided by the metaphor of “shepherding” that is older still. This book seeks to provide an introduction to pastoral care for those seeking to be involved in this ministry, either as clergy or laity. The goal is to have the principles of pastoral care grounded theologically while informed by psychology, as well as insights from the practices of historical and clinical pastoral care

Bob and Celia Munson are cofounders of Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center, in Baguio City, Philippines. Bukal Life Care was the first accredited CPE center by CPSP in the Philippines, and charter training center of CPSP-Philippines.

Available on Amazon by clicking HERE. Also available for purchase at Bukal Life Care.