March 2020 Updates

As I expect everyone knows much of the Philippines is under quarantine. As such, most non-essential activities are shutdown.

Bukal Life Care is planning to have CPE start on March 26, but that will b handled creatively, with some aspects online. As far as other training centers, please contact the individual centers as far as training and other pastoral care services.

We are glad that we were able to have our March 2nd Certification Board in Ipil, Zamboanga, as well as the CPE graduation of the Shalom CPE Training Center. Victor Navarro and Phanuel Buac were reviewed. We look forward to announcing the results soon.

For those stuck at home and seeking to learn, consider our bookstore on this page. All of them are available in Kindle right into your home.

An interesting article, “Pandemic Love” by Charles E. Moore, was written in response to one of the Avian Flu epidemics a few years ago. It is pretty relevant today.  Consider clicking below:

New Book from CPSP-Philippines Press

The book, “Doing Christ’s Mission: My Ecumenical Journey” was recently published by Dr. Erlinda Nable Senturies, through CPSP-Philippines Press.

This book is a social biography integrating my personal and ecumenical life in line with doing Christ’s mission. It traces my faith journey from various influences of my childhood and growing up in a church that had conservative ideas of faith practice to my exposure to a liberal theological orientation from the university community and then progressive engagement based on the context of the times in the various decades of life. As a medical graduate and discerning how I can serve the people, my exposure to the ecumenical community enabled me to see a new way of doing medical practice. It brought me closer to the communities and congregations that informed me of the inadequacy of our health care system. This book explores my theological journey and my medical journey. And now, as I enter my senior years, and enrolled in Clinical Pastoral Education, this book explores my growth in deep listening and learning ideas in the accompaniment of the people in their various challenges in life, including facing death and dying. This is part of pursuing the fullness of life for all, for which our Saviour Jesus Christ came.

Front Cover Senturias

It is available online by CLICK HERE.

Updated Pages

Sometimes one forgets to check blog pages to make sure they are current. So here are some of our pages that have been recently updated. You can click on the appropriate tabs at the top of the page to see these pages:

  • Books from CPSP-Philippines.  Updated name of this page, and where some of these books can be purchased.
  • Training Centers. Updated training centers to show ones that have transitioned from provisional to regular accreditation.
  • Supervision/SITs.  Minor updates.
  • Accreditations and Certifications. Updated new structure of regular accreditation, as well as changes to Sub-specialties

Impromptu Meeting and 2020 Plenary

Board Meeting was held in Baguio on October 26 for Bukal Life Care. The board has two Diplomates of CPSP-Philippines (Chaplain Celia and Dr. Sim), and four SITs (Chaplains Jehny, Renato, Lyn and Vo). The registrar of CPSP-Philippines (Dr. Bob) was also present as the administrator of Bukal. When Diplomate Dr. Cal decided to join Dr. Sim on his trip to Baguio, we ended up having a sizable gathering of CPSP-Philippines leadership, from four training centers.

As such, we moved into a number of CPSP-Philippines matters. Most clearly among them is the CPSP-Philippines Plenary. It is scheduled for May 2020 with the POSSIBLE dates of May 12 and 13, with probable venue being Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary in Baguio City. Like speakers will be Doc Sim and Doc Cal, with hopefully at least one Diplomate from CPSP (US) joining as plenary speaker.

More to follow.

Certification Board

On October 24, a Certification Board was held at Ellinwood Malate Church in Manila. It was hosted by the Malate Chapter and Jethro Guidance Center. The board was chaired by Diplomate Dr. Calixto Sodoy, with other boardmembers Diplomate Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan Jr. (non-voting), Diplomate Dr. Paul Tabon, and SIT Dr. Merlita Montecastro.

Three were approved as certified Pastoral Counseling and Clinical Chaplain. They are:

Dr. Larry Paul Gusto

Rev. Ephraim Guerrero

Dr. Elvin Salarda

Congratulations to all three. They will be serving as Supervisors-in-Training under Dr. Sim.

Growing Library


CPSP-Philippines is committed to expanding books and other materials to assist in the areas of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy, especially in the Philippines. At this time we have the books above:

Pastoral Care Response for Alcoholism in the Armed Forces of the Philippines, by Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan, Jr. He is the Diplomate Supervisor at Jethro Guidance Center.

Recovery of the Soul:  A History and Memoir of the Clinical Pastoral Movement, by Dr. Raymond Lawrence. He is the General Secretary of CPSP, and Mentor of CPSP-Philippines.

The Art of Pastoral Care, by Dr. Robert and Celia Munson.  They are the co-founders of Bukal Life Care, and Celia is the Diplomate Supervisor at Bukal.

Dynamics in Pastoral Counseling and Training, by Robert and Celia Munson

Another book is in the works and should be done soon by Erlinda Senturias.

The above four books are all available online at Amazon, and many other online vendors. Three of the four books are available at the main office of CPSP-Philippines (which is shared by Bukal Life Care in Baguio City, Philippines). The fourth book, by Raymond Lawrence should be available at our main office in the near future.