December 2021 News

Things are slowly getting more active with several training centers operating with active CPR groups. Bukal Life is gearing up for staring two groups in the next few weeks. Both Heard and Jethro have active CPE groups ongoing.

Jethro Guidance Center had the privilege of having Dr. Raymond Lawrence join their online chapter group recently. Dr. Lawrence is the General Secretary of CPSP. Online group is shown above.

We are preparing to have another certification board. Members can talk to their supervisors or chapters if they feel they are ready to go for a higher certification level.

August 2021 Updates

As the pandemic settles out (a bit at least), CPE is becoming more active.

—Dr. Navarro’s is completing a unit at the Iligan Adventist Hospital. We congratulate him in heading this under CPSP-Philippines.

—Chaplain Eustaquio is in the middle of a unit at Dr. Yanga’s Hospital in Bulacan.

—Chaplains Vo and Lyn are each starting new CPE units with Bukal Life Care in mid-August. These are online units,.

—Jethro Guidance Center is very active with CPE this year. (Not sure when the next group is starting… but likely to be starting soon.

All of our centers are welcomed/encouraged to keep us updated as far as their training schedules. They can contact either Dr. Merlita Montecastro or Dr. Robert Munson.

May 2021 Updates

We update as we get information. Here is the latest that we have available to share.

May Activities of CPSP-Philippines:

-May 22. BOT meeting (online)

-May 29. Diplomate/SIT Boards (online)

Bukal Life Care Schedule (Baguio City)

We are finishing up our Spring CPE groups and CPO group. Our next cycle of CPE groups will start in mid-August or early September. We will continue through November or December. For info, contact us at

Hesed Schedule (Bocaue, Bulacan)

We are starting a new CPE group in July 2021.For those who are interested to serve the Lord through clinical chaplaincy and pastoral care ministry, please send us a message.What is CPE/T or Clinical Pastoral Education/ Training?Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an interfaith method of theological education through which a chaplain trainee exercises and learns pastoral skills within a context of responsible relationships to people and under the direct supervision of a certified pastoral supervisor. It provides a learning situation for a ministerial trainees and continuing education for ministers in which they may develop awareness of the theological and psycho-social concerns of persons in crisis. CPE addresses personal growth matters of self awareness and self reflection, a key ministry concern. For those who are interested to serve the Lord through clinical chaplaincy and pastoral care ministry, please send us a message, or call us at 09338554795.

April 2021 Updates

Things have been slow due to the pandemic… but several including Jethro, Hesed, and Bukal have been active with doing CPE training in the first quarter of this year.

As other centers let us know their plans, we will put them here. Here are a couple of updates that may be of value to you.

  1. Tentative Schedule for CPE (school year 2021) with Dr. Cal Sodoy.



June 1-June 25 (4 weeks) Zamboanga, Sibugay Dr. Elvin Salarda, D.Min

Dr. Cal Sodoy, D.Min.

July 5- July 30 (4 weeks) CPU, Iloilo City Dr. Cal Sodoy, D.Min.

Rev. Romel Marcelino, M.Div.

August 9-Sept. 3(4 weeks) Davao Central College Rev. Phanuel Buac, M.Div,

Toril, Davao City Rev. Cal Sodoy, D.Min.

<For more info, contact Dr. Sodoy at Email:>

2. Bukal LIfe Care is expecting to hold Summer CPE— Full Unit only, starting around late May or early June. We expect to have two groups. Both will be either online or mixed media (depending on circumstances). Questions can be directed to Email:

January 2021 Updates

Welcome to 2021!! A few activities are already coming up.

  1. Annual Board Meeting of the Trustees. This will be done online with the exact date in January to be determined.
  2. Diplomate Board, led by Pres. Sim Dang-Awan Jr. This will be held at the end of January.
  3. Several CPE programs are starting up in January. Of the ones we know about include in Baguio (online), Angeles City, and Bocaue.

Apologies that the announcements are a bit vague. But during the pandemic, we are adapting on a daily basis. If you have specific questions, please go to the Contact Us page and drop us a line.

December 2020 Updates

Item #1. December 6, 2020. Congratulations to “Center for Low Vision Care, Pastoral Clinical Training, and Member Care” led by Chaplain Renato Eustaquio, for completion of their CPE unit. Those who have completed are:

  • Agnes Barnedo (1st unit)
  • Mary Joy Pergis (1st unit)
  • Marilyn Martin (1st unit)
  • Gina Ventura (CPO)

This program is certified with CPSP-Philippines, and works in partnership with Dr. Yanga Hospital in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Item #2. January 2021. Bukal Life Care and Counseling Center is expecting to start a CPE unit. This will be their first online-only unit. Contact if you have any questions.

Item #3. January 2021. “Center for Low Vision Care, Pastoral Clinical Training, and Member Care” led by Chaplain Renato Eustaquio, will be holding its next CPE batch at Dr. Yanga Hospital in Bocaue, Bulacan. It is an extended course… spread over 10 months.

Guide to HIV/AIDS Pastoral Counselling

The AIDS Working Group of the World Council of Churches (WCC) has come out with a new document, “Guide to HIV/AIDS Pastoral Counselling.”

One of the contributors to this document is a member of CPSP-Philippines. Dr. Erlinda Senturias. She and her husband Ptr. Alvaro Senturias Jr., are members of CPSP-Philippines and involved with Jethro Guidance Center. They are also both CPE trainees under Diplomate Dr. Sim Dang-Awan Jr..