Congratulations to our Newest Diplomate

On July 30, 2022, CPSP-Philippines held a Diplomate board for Chaplain Merlita (“Lyn”) Montecastro. Members of the board were Diplomates Dr. Larry Gusto, Dr. Paul Tabon, and Chaplain Vo Canoy, with Lyn’s supervisor Chaplain Celia Munson completing the panel.

Chaplain Lyn passed the board and is now only the 7th Diplomate of Pastoral Supervision with CPSP-Philippines.

Chaplain Lyn has had both Chaplain Celia and Dr. Cal Sodoy as supervisors. Chaplain Lyn has served with Bukal Life Care for several years, and has also earned her Doctor of Theology degree from Asia Baptist Graduate Theological Seminary. She will soon be relocating with her husband, Dr. Gilbert Montecastro, to Cebu City where she hopes to training in Pastoral Counseling and Supervision.