Meeting of the Board

The Board of Trustees of CPSP-Philippines met on September 14. The primary items dealt with were issues of standards for being a Diplomate in Pastoral Supervision (“DPS”), updating the overall standards of CPSP-Philippines, and maintaining equivalency of standards of CPSP-Philippines with our parent organization (CPSP) while also being sensitive to local concerns.

Presently, board members are looking over the 2021 CPSP standards (with our present standards) to see what updates we need to do.


September 2022 Updates

First of all, we have updated our Training Center Page. A couple more still need to give us updated information, but this should help for now, especially for those seeking to contact one of the training centers directly, Click

Bukal Life Care: Presently, we are holding CPO online with a group of young church leaders in Caloocan City. Chaplain Celia is serving as the supervisor. On September 19, Chaplain Vo will start an online Full-unit CPE. This one will be working with the Baguio General Hospital Cancer Center and in partnership with the KABSAT program.

Adventist Medical Center- Iligan: Dr. Vic has an ongoing CPE, with plans to start an online International CPE group soon.

SPUC CPE Training Center: Chaplain Elvin has an ongoing CPE group (on-site and online)

The Chaplains Office: Chaplain Renato has recently started a new CPE group at Dr. Yanga’s Hospital.

Jethro Guidance Center: Dr. Larry has recently completed a CPE group, and has an extended online CPE still in progress.

Glocal Community Center: Dr. Paul is continuing with his Community Chaplaincy training program.

Atiman Life Care and Counseling Center: Dr. Lyn is planning to start a new CPE group towards the end of September.