Schedule of Supervisor Cal Sodoy

Supervisor Cal Sodoy, head of Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center, has given his schedule for the rest of the year.

  • April 23 – May 18. CPE for graduate students at CPU School of Theology (Jaro, Iloilo City)
  • July 2 – Aug 31.  CPE with post-grad students in Davao City
  • Sept 3 – 30. Teaching Pastoral Theology at CPU School of Theology
  • Oct 8 – Nov 18. CPE graduate students. Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, Roxas City
  • Nov 22 – Dec 31.  Church-building project, Tablas Island, Romblon

CPE in Baguio

This Summer there are 22 CPE trainees in the two CPSP-Philippines training centers in Baguio City. Supervisor Paul Tabon, working with Pines City Doctors Hospital, has 7 trainees. Supervisor Celia Munson, of Bukal Life Care, has 6 trainees. Additionally at Bukal Life Care, there are two SITs active. Vo Canoy has 5 trainees, and Edgar Chan has 4 trainees.

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Supervisor Paul with his CPE trainees

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CPE trainees with Bukal Life Care team on Quirino Province Mission Trip— Training of local pastors and layleaders in Pastoral Counseling.

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CPE Training via Skype with Chaplain Salvador Delmundo, APC certified, serving as head chaplain at the famed Menninger Clinic.


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CPE Commissioning for Bukal Life Care 2018 Summer Intensive