Process of CPE Training

The following presentations provides a quick overview of the principles of training associated with CPE. The first one comes from the Bukal Life Care website. (Bukal Life Care is one of our accredited training centers.) The second is from CPSP-Philippines



Welcome to Dr. Dickens

Dr. Doug Dickens, Diplomate Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral Education/Training with CPSP, has been with us here in Baguio for the last week. He has been teaching “Grief and Loss” at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. However, he has also been working with the CPSP-Philippine Supervisors and Supervisors-in-Training here in Baguio. He has been working to help us improve our supervision.

Presently, CPSP-Philippines has two training centers in Baguio City with 2 supervisors and 2 supervisors-in-training (and 22 trainees among them). We are thankful for his willingness to work with us.


Dr. Dickens with Edgar, Vo, Celia, and Paul after one of our Supervision training sessions


Grief and Loss Class