Clinical Pastoral Education at Central Philippine University


At 33rd CPSP Plenary—East

Bob and Celia Munson had the opportunity to attend the 33rd Plenary Of CPSP (East Coast gathering). This was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on March 12-14, 2023.

This was a smaller gathering than before the pandemic. Part of this is because for 2023 the Plenary was broken into an East Coast and a West Coast gathering. The other was that over half of the registrants chose to join online rather than face to face.

Still, we had a wonderful time meeting clinical chaplains and pastoral counselors from the various regions in the United States.

There were numerous presentations given. Some drew strongly on the history of the Clinical Pastoral Training movement and Interpersonal Psychology. Others were more intentionally in the now addressing things like community health care chaplaincy, and responding to mass shootings.

The dinner with the handing out of diplomas and certificates was wonderful to participate in, as was the Tavistock group.

Bob and Celia made many new friends, and hopefully partners, for the future.

The plenary is an inspiration for us as well. We can do this as well in the Philippines.