2025— The Big Year is Fast Approaching

In the Clinical Pastoral Movement, 2025 is a big year, and it is doubly so here in the Philippines.

2025 marks the 100th anniversary of the first CPE program. It was started by Anton T. Boisen, the father of the Clinical Pastoral movement, in Worcester State Hospital in the United States.

2025 also marks the 60th anniversary of the first CPE program in the Philippines. June 7, 1965, J. Albert Dalton started the first “experimental” CPE batch at St. Lukes Medical Center in Quezon City. He had five trainees, one of whom was Narciso C. Dumalagan. “Nars” became the father of CPE and the Pastoral Care movement in the Philippines. He also became a major figure in the movement throughout Asia. Perhaps that would make Albert Dalton the grandfather?

It is our hope that we, and other clinical pastoral care organizations in the Philippines can come together to commemorate these great historical events.

We welcome your inputs on how to do this.


May 2023 Updates

A LOT is going on, so here are just a few things:

Jethro Guidance is active in their Summer CPE program being held at Philippine Christian University in Das Marinas, Cavite.

CPE at Philippine Christian University, led by Dr. Larry Gusto

Bukal Life Care is holding their Summer CPE in Baguio. They are celebrating two partnerships— one at Baguio General Hospital and the other at Saint Louis University Sacred Heart Medical Center. The links to these posts are below:



Dr. Merlita (Lyn) Montecastro will be holding Commissioning for her batch on May 17 in Palawan. She is in working through Bukal Life Care, but in the process of setting up her own training center in Cebu.

The Chaplains Office led by Ptr. Renato Eustaquio is in the middle of their CPE program at Dr. Yanga’s Hospital in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Dr. Cal Sodoy will be starting his June CPE soon. His letter for this is below