Honoring a Colleague


CPSP-Philippines joins in sorrow with friends, family, and colleagues in the passing of Chaplain Victor S. Layug, July 16, 2018. He was an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He served most recently as head chaplain of Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila. He was a board-certified clinical chaplain of CPSP-Philippines, and a CPE Supervisor-in-Training. Internment will be on July 20th.


A Few Upcoming Events

July 27.  5:30pm.  Commissioning of Chaplain trainees at Bukal Life Care. At Chapel B of PBTS.

July 28.  9am.  Certification Board for Clinical Chaplain. At Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary. To be held in Conference Room.

October.  Dr. Dickens.  CPSP certified Diplomate Supervisor in CPE/T. Visiting Philippines to train students in Pastoral Care, and provide Supervisory Training.

November.  Dr. Lawrence, CPSP General Secretary visiting Philippines for Case Presentation training and representing CPSP in joint meeting with CPSP-Philippines.

January 2018.  CPSP-Philippines Annual Board Meeting

April 2018.  Anticipated time of CPSP-Philippines Plenary