Up Coming Activities

We don’t always have everything that is going on. But as we learn them, always happy to pass them on here.

  • JULY 25        Start of CPE Batch (PBTS Training Center).  Dr. Paul Tabon
  • JULY 25        Start of CPE Batch (Mary Johnston Hospital). Dr. Sim Dang-Awan
  • AUGUST 3    Start of CPE Graduate Training Seminar at Medical City Iloilo and Western Visayas Regional Medical Center, Iloilo City. Dr. Cal Sodoy
  • SEPTEMBER ____   Start of CPE Batch (Bukal Life Care Training Center). Celia Munson
  • NOVEMBER 2   Start of CPE Graduate Training Seminar, Romblon Provincial Hospital, Odiongan, Romblon (Tablas Island, Philippines).   Dr. Cal Sodoy
  • NOVEMBER 15  Visit from Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP (Intl)

Trainings planned for November (2015) and January (2016), as well as Certification boards. Exact days will be give more information as we learn them.


CPE at Mary Johnston Hospital

Message from Dr. Sim Dang-Awan:

On CPE Intensive Chaplaincy Training: The Rev Dr Victor S Layug, our Incumbent Chaplain at Mary Johnston Hospital, Tondo, Manila. and I will open the Intensive CPE Training program on Saturday, 25 July 2015. That is if we have 4 enrollees as minimum or seven as maximum numbe.s The sessions will be on Saturdays only and last for 13 Saturdays up to 17 October 2015. The requirements are: Meet once a week for 8 hrs for 13 weeks/ Each trainee presents a total of 10 case Studies (Verbatims) from patients/counselees / Reading assignments and didactic seminars are incorporated in the curriculum/ Weekly Group relations/ Individual Clinical Supervision sessions/ Reflections/ Journal entries/ Activity logsMidterm Evaluation – 29 Aug 15/ Final- Unit Evaluation – 10 Oct 2015/ Certificate of Completion will be given on last gradui-ation day- 17 Oct 2015. Fee for the whole unit is 15k, but we are giving an scholarship 7K each. So you will only pay 8k in full or in 3 installment arrangement with Dr Layug, who is our CPE Hospital Coordinator. Please pass the information. If by July 18, this coming Saturday, we don’t have the number of students required, we will target to hold it in The summer schedule na, that is 01 April to 30 May 2016.