Disaster Response in the Philippines

As most of the world knows, there has been some major disasters in the Philippines in the last few months. Most recently, we have had Typhoon Yolanda (aka Haiyan) that has cut a swath through the Visayas and Southern Luzon. While news has centered on Tacloban, Leyte, many other pars of the Philippines have suffered greatly but with less news fanfare.

A month before this, the island of Bohol was struck by a powerful earthquake with considerable damage and loss of life.

Before that, a major kidnapping and a series of attacks on villages around Zamboanga, have left many homeless.

CPSP-PI has embraced the need for disaster response, particularly in the area of crisis care chaplaincy.

In Baguio, the training centers of Bukal Life Care and PBTS are working together to do training for crisis care chaplaincy and form teams to go to Leyte. Two teams have been established, with plans to assist another.

Tootsie and others in Manila are developing partnerships to do training and trip work in additional locations.

More information will be given as plans solidify. We are thankful of the commitment of members of CPSP-PI to be involved in this work, as well as commitment of members of CPSP to assist the effort.