Announcements: September 2015 and Beyond

#1.  Schedule of Upcoming CPE groups from Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training CenterCPSP_PH_TestLogo(1)

November 2-December 11     Romblon Provincial Hospital (Tablas Island)

March 21-April 29 (2016)    Capiz Emmanuel Hospital (Roxas City)

May 9 – June 10     Iloilo Mission Hospital (Iloilo City)

July 4 – August 12    Brokenshire Memorial Hospital  (Davao City)

For more information, please contact Dr. Cal Sodoy  (

#2.  Baguio City Schedule for CPE

PBTS Training Center CPE group will be finishing their unit this October.

Bukal Life Care Training Center will have a new group starting September 24

Summer Intensive will start for both PBTS and Bukal in mid-March. Other groups will be announced soon.

#3.  Mary Johnston Hospital Schedule

CPE group is expected to finish this October. Another group is tentatively scheduled for April 1st, 2016 (Our information here may be a bit out of date. Welcome any updates on this schedule as well as any other groups)

#4. Pastoral Care Week. October 25-31. Celebration Seminar in Baguio
on the 27th. Other events may be elsewhere.

#5. Visit from Dr. Raymond Lawrence, General Secretary of CPSP to Baguio. November 22-26

23rd of November:  Seminar on Dr. Lawrence’s new book on Case Studies. Followed by  Case study presentations.

24th of November. SIT training.

26th of November. Thanksgiving and MOA signing.

#6.  Working on shirt design for CPSP-Philippines Members. Hope to have it available before MOA signing.

#7. January. CPSP-Philippines BOT meeting.

#8.  Membership Drive is starting now to be completed December 2015.  This will be followed by Chapter Formation/Assignment, and Training Center accreditations in 2016.