Letter to CPSP-Philippines Members

Copy of Letter sent out a few days ago:


To:     CPSP-Philippine Members and Others

Fm: Registrar, CPSP-Philippines

Subject:  Pastoral Chaplaincy Training and Practice

It is 2016 and so it is time again to update things for CPSP-Philippines. Obviously, this is for those who are seeking to continue membership with CPSP-Philippines, and for those who are seeking to become first time members.

1. MOA. A Memorandum of Agreement was signed between CPSP and CPSP-Philippines to establish the ground rules for reciprocity of credentials and accreditations, equivalency of standards, and accountability.

With that in mind, some mechanisms will be put into place through the Standards Committee (Doc Cal, Celia, Cris, and Doc Sim) to maintain the terms of the MOA.

2. Membership. Membership is renewed annually, and is normally done through the chapter. However, since at least two chapters dissolved (or at least did not update us), we will do things this way for now.

 Fill out the CPSP-Philippines Data Form

 Be part of an active chapter (more information later in this letter)

 Pay the required fee.  For non-certified members, the fee is P300, for certified members, it is P600.

These are annual fees. Payment information is given later.

3.  Certification.  We had several certifications for CTM done through CPSP-Philippines in 2015, as well as one for Supervisor and two for SIT through CPSP. Certification is normally recommended through the chapter. The Standards Committee oversees certification, working with the chapter, and outside consultant.

For those interested in certification, please contact me and contact your chapter and we will see how this can

4.  Accredited Centers. Each training center must be accredited by CPSP-Philippines. As of the moment, those centers that have been accredited by CPSP-Philippines are Bukal Life Care, PBTS, PCMC, Love C Center, New Hope, and Clinical Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center. A couple of these will have visits this year by the Accreditation team for mutual growth. Additionally, Mary Johnston, and PARC may be having accreditations this year (depending on the wishes of the participants).

Accreditation is technically for 7 years, but we are small enough that I think we can maintain an on-going relationship to ensure that loss accreditation would be unnecessary except by mutual consent.

However, accredited centers are required to pay an annual fee of P1900. There is a higher charge for hospital-based centers. However, since it has not been clarified what is the difference between a hospital-based center and a center that works in a hospital, the P1900 is acceptable.

5.  CPE Verification. Supervisors of CPE trainees must fill out Unit Verification Reports for trainees to ensure that these units are recognized by CPSP-Philippines (and by extension, CPSP).  The training center through which the CPE training was done needs to have been accredited and current on fee payment at the time of the trainees’ CPE experience. If there is a problem, please contact me.

6.  Chapters. CPE Supervisors/SITs are encouraged to establish chapters, since supervisors are the ones experienced in chaplaincy and, hopefully, in chapter life. Supervisors will start with their trainees as members (primarily). The goal is that after a year or so, the supervisor can step out of the chapter as it is now self-functioning. There is also a Chapter of CPE Supervisors for peer support for those interested. Please contact me for any questions or updates in this area. I can also provide you with a CPSP-Philippines

7.  Financial Matters. Payments may be made as follows:


Bank:                    PHILIPPINE NATIONAL BANK

Bank Branch:       BAGUIO BRANCH, 678800

Peso Savings Acct #:      524963700010

(scan deposit slip and send to me at bob2046@yahoo.com)

Robert (Bob) Munson,

Acting Registrar




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