Annual Board Meeting 2017

CPSP-Philippines had its annual Board of Trustees meeting on January 14, 2017, at the Munsons residence with 9 in attendance, inclusive of 4 out of the 5 trustees. A few major items from the meeting:

  • Dr. Simplicio Dang-Awan Jr., joined as the newest board member. Officers stay the same with Dr. Paul Tabon as President, Ms. Jehny Pedazo as Vice President, and Mrs. Celia Munson as Secretary-Treasurer.
  • The 2017 Standards of CPSP-Philippines will include (1) standards for accreditation and certification of CPO, clinical pastoral orientation, programs, and (2) changes to the Supervisor-in-Training program to contextualize it to the present situation in the Philippines.
  • Plans to expand fraternal connections with other CPE certifiers, seminaries, and other potential partners in clinical pastoral care, both in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
  • Make plans for CPSP Plenary, and CPSP-Philippines meeting in Baguio in April, as well as certification boards.
  • Plan for recognition of our new Diplomates, as well as having membership cards for members.
  • 2017 membership drive, and possible new chapters and training centers established this year.

Other items will be listed as they are acted upon. We are thankful for those that joined and all of the productive discussion. Looking forward to gathering again in April.



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