June 5-July 7.  Brent Hospital.  Zamboanga City.  CPE Intensive.  Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

June 19.  Start of Clinical Pastoral Orientation at PBTS in Baguio City. Duration 15 weeks, meeting on Mondays. (Another CPO group is presently underway in Zamboanga at the Zamboanga Peninsula Medical Center, led by Chaplain Buac.)

Mid-August. Mary Johnston Hospital. Tondo, Manila.  CPE Extended. Supervisor/SIT:  Dr. Sim Dang-Awan Jr., and Chaplain Victor Layug.

Mid-August.  Bukal Life Care. Baguio City. CPE Extended. Supervisor: TBD.

July 17-August 25.  Brokeshire Memorial Hospital. Davao City. CPE Intensive. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.

September 19-22.  Jakarta Indonesia.  2017 Asia Pacific Pastoral Care and Counseling Convention.  http://2017apac-pcc-con.org/

October 9-November 17. Capiz Emmanuel Hospital. Roxas City.  CPE Intensive. Supervisor Cal Sodoy.


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