D.Min. in Clinical Pastoral Supervision

We are happy to know that negotiations between CPSP and Union Theological Seminary in Cavite, Philippines have been successful. They are partnering to provide a Doctor of Ministry Degree in Clinical Pastoral Supervision.

This D.Min. requires satisfactory completion of a two-week residency at UTS, in the Philippines, and five three-hour courses completed online. Each of these courses will meet for thirty hours, usually extended over ten weeks, three hours a week.

The required residency is scheduled for January 8–19, 2018. The deadline for registration for the January 2018 seminars will be September 15, 2017. It is arguably less costly to fly from most U.S. cities to the Philippines and gather for two weeks at the UTS conference center than to fly across the U.S. and meet at a similar venue.

This particular program is designed for persons certified as clinical pastoral supervisors by recognized training organizations, persons such as diplomates in pastoral supervision in CPSP, educators (CPE supervisors) in ACPE, or those with equivalent credentials in other organizations. The program is also open to current clinical pastoral supervisors-in-training. For those still in training, the D.Min. degree will be awarded when both the supervisory credential is granted and the course work is successfully completed. The degree program may be done simultaneously with supervisory clinical training.

More information to come as it is promulgated by CPSP.


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