Updates from Mary Johnston Hospital

  1.   Chaplain Sim Dang-Awan will be working with Chaplain Victor Layug to start the Extended CPE Unit on 18 November 2017 which may last up to 24 Feb 2018. Victor will handle the Chaplain trainees taking Unit 1, while Sim will handle the Chaplain Trainees taking their Unit 2 & 3. They are aiming for groups of approximately 5 each on a “first come first serve ” basis, although the maximum number is 7 and the minimum number is 4. This is a one day a week (8 hrs) plus 1 hour a week “One on One Supervision” and one or two evening duty Chaplain in Hospital (by rotation). The charge is 10,000 pesos for the program.
  2. Chaplain Victor had a seminary at Mary Johnston Hospital where he was formally presented with his certifications from CPSP-Philippines as Clinical Chaplain and Pastoral Counselor. Additionally, he was formally presented the letter that accepted  him into the Supervisor-in-Training program, being mentored by Chaplain Dang-Awan, a Diplomate Supervisor in Clinical Pastoral Education/Training.22382240_10214605096182505_1098620693593837789_o

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