Interpersonal Relationship Group Seminar

This announcement is from Dr. Cal Sodoy, Diplomate Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education/Training.

The Pastoral and Spiritual Care Training Center offers a two week (3-days per week, MWF) Interpersonal Relationship Group Seminar for congregations to enhance personal relationships among its members where anger, hurt, intimacy, love, care, and warmth for each other are openly identified, affirmed and recognized in an attempt to find out their valued meaning.

Three competencies are to be developed:

  • Personal awareness
  • Interpersonal awareness
  • Spiritual awareness

The goal is to be transparent and authentic to oneself in relationship with each other. This experience will lead to a deeper awareness of oneself in discovering our common humanity with each other. Thus, the forming of genuine and authentic relationships with fellow believers in the faith community are made possible. Therefore the sustaining presence of living together in the faith based on a loving, caring and transparent relationships will be affirmed and celebrated.

Fee:  P1000 per hour for group work.

Food and lodging:  Sonsor of teh seminar will be in charge.

Training location:  College of Theology, Central Philippine University (Iloilo City). Alternatively, the sponsor may arrange for a meeting area of their choice.

Dates of training:  Open and negotiable

For more information:  Inquire of Dr. Cal Castro Sodoy


                                            CP:  09212288462



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