Impromptu Meeting and 2020 Plenary

Board Meeting was held in Baguio on October 26 for Bukal Life Care. The board has two Diplomates of CPSP-Philippines (Chaplain Celia and Dr. Sim), and four SITs (Chaplains Jehny, Renato, Lyn and Vo). The registrar of CPSP-Philippines (Dr. Bob) was also present as the administrator of Bukal. When Diplomate Dr. Cal decided to join Dr. Sim on his trip to Baguio, we ended up having a sizable gathering of CPSP-Philippines leadership, from four training centers.

As such, we moved into a number of CPSP-Philippines matters. Most clearly among them is the CPSP-Philippines Plenary. It is scheduled for May 2020 with the POSSIBLE dates of May 12 and 13, with probable venue being Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary in Baguio City. Like speakers will be Doc Sim and Doc Cal, with hopefully at least one Diplomate from CPSP (US) joining as plenary speaker.

More to follow.


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