New Book by Raymond Lawrence

Congratulations on the publication of Dr. Raymond Lawrence’s new book, “Nine More Clinical Cases: Case Studies in Clinical Pastoral Care, Counseling and Psychotherapy.” He is the General Secretary of The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (that parent organization of CPSP-Philippines). The book is a critique of nine of the cases in a book by Nolan and Fitchett. In fact, it is a sequel critique of Nolan and Fichett’s sequel. If you are confused, it is like this:

Book by George Fitchett and Steve NolanCritique by Raymond Lawrence
First Book CycleSpiritual Care in Practice: Case Studies in Healthcare ChaplaincyNine Clinical Cases: The Soul of Pastoral Care and Counseling
Second Book CycleCase Studies in Spiritual Care: Healthcare Chaplaincy Assessments, Interventions & OutcomesNine More Clinical Cases: Case Studies in Clinical Pastoral Care, Counseling and Psychotherapy

Lawrence embraces very different philosophical and practical views of chaplaincy from Fitchett and Nolan. However, as noted by Robert Powell in the Foreward of Lawrence’s book, the goal is to present a critique of the first to give two different perspectives and invite readers to decide for themselves. Lawrence sees himself as in the tradition of Anton Boisen… who embraced an integration of theological and psychoanalytic principles. Fitchett and Nolan draw from the tradition of Cabot… embracing a more religious role for chaplains, disconnected from the healing work in hospitals.

One thing that Lawrence, Fitchett, and Nolan clearly appear to agree on is the value of case studies for presentation, analysis and critique. Curiously, that was an are that Boisen and Cabot also agreed. So readers are invited to read the cases, and the critiques and decide for themselves.