CPSP-Philippines Board of Trustees

Held meeting of CPSP-Phlippines Board of Trustees at the Munson House on January 6th, 2016. Attendees were

Dr. Paul Tabon

Celia Munson

Jehny Pedazo

Dr. Ryan Clark (via Skype)

Sr. Sofia Natama could not attend. Bob Munson attended as interim registrar, although not on the board.

It was a very profitable meeting, and the next post will list the pertinent decisions made. If you have any questions about CPSP-Philippines, please email the registrar at bob2046@yahoo.com

Annual Board Meeting

The Annual Board Meeting of CPSP-Philippines will be held at Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary (19 Tacay Road, Baguio City, Philippines). It will be on January 22nd at 11am.

All BOT members are formally invited and requested to join. However, all members of CPSP-Philippines are welcome as well.